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Pathways Preschool program does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies and other school-administered programs.
  • Child's Information

  • Parent/Guardian #1 - Billing Information

  • Parent/Guardian #2

  • Additional Adult #1

    Other than parents, the child will be released only to persons indicated below (must include at least one local person to call for illness, accidents, late pick-up, or other emergency reasons). Please list them in the order of preference for us to contact.
  • Additional Adult #2

  • Preferences & Medical Information

  • Consent to Medical Care and Treatment of Child

    I hereby give permission for my child to be given emergency treatment, to include first aid and CPR by a qualified staff member of Pathways Preschool. I further authorize and consent to medical, surgical, and hospital care, treatment, and procedures to be performed for my child by my child’s regular physician, or when that physician cannot be reached, by a licensed physician or hospital when deemed immediately necessary or advisable by the physician to safeguard my child’s health if I cannot be contacted. In such a case, I waive my right of informed consent to such treatment. I also give permission for my child to be transported by ambulance or aid car to an emergency center for treatment. I further authorize Pathways Preschool to take my child to a hospital, and I agree that I will pay all physician and hospital bills, and said center will not be responsible for them.
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  • Photograph Release

    I release Pathways Preschool to photograph and/or videotape my child participating in daily activities, and to use the photographs and/or videos in photographic displays, marketing, or other publications showing these daily activities.
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  • Financial Agreement

    Pathways Preschool agrees to provide (1) a qualified staff, (2) well-rounded and challenging curriculum, and (3) measurable objectives towards kindergarten readiness.
  • Price: $50.00
  • I understand that tuition is due the last working day of the month for the following month unless a written agreement has been made with the director or bookkeeper. I also understand that I pay for the number of days reserved for my child regardless of attendance.

  • A late fee of 10% per month of the past-due balance will be added to the account if not cleared by the 5th of the following month. Pathways Preschool services may be subject to termination for unpaid balances.
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